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About Pet Priest

Pet Priest grew out of the idea that it would be nice to have a forum where people could share concerns, hopes, wishes, dreams, etc. about their pets, animal friends, animals in general, . . .

The virtual candles used in Pet Priest "illuminate" such wishes, concerns, hopes, &/or dreams / etc. To those of us that otherwise would never know. Who knows, maybe the thoughts or prays of someone you've never met & don't know may just make a difference in the life of your pet / animal.

Candle can be lit for any, just about any reason, or no reason at all.

Accompanying text / etc. can say what you're praying / hoping for or what you want other visitors to pray / meditate / concentrate / etc for.

If you don't want to say why a candle is being lit, don't want to include a photo, etc., that's ok as well.

Pet Priest also recognizes the importance of finding pets homes, puppies, kittens, an animal that the owner can no longer care for; Thus it is split into 2 channels: Animal Listing bullentin board & prayer board.

Check in from time to time for more exciting developments regarding Pet Priest.

A number of upgrades are in the works or are planned.
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